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Local online media offer most effective advertising

August 19th, 2008

NEW YORK – Consumers trust advertising on local media sites and are likely to take action after seeing ads on those sites.

So says an Online Publishers Association report called “Local Online Media: From Advertising to Action.”

Conducted for the OPA by Jupiter research, the study surveyed 2,069 online content consumers.

Visitors to local newspaper, television and magazine sites are more likely to take action after viewing an ad than for other local content sites, the study found.

Newspaper sites ranked first, driving 46 percent of visitors to take action such as buying something, going to a store, or conducting additional research.

Television sites follow, with 44 percent of ad viewers taking action, while 42 percent of those who view online ads at a local magazine do.

“With strong brands and trusted environments, local media sites deliver concrete results for local advertisers,” said OPA president Pam Horan. “Our analysis of the Jupiter data finds that consumers are more likely to act on the ads they see on local TV, newspaper and magazine sites.”

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