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NC-Shark Tank contestant’s WiSpots merging with WHC

September 2nd, 2009

CARY, NC – WiSpots, the startup founded by Cary entrepreneur Kevin Flannery, a contestant on the ABC premier of “Shark Tank,” is merging with Worthington Healthcare Corp. to form a new company called WiFiciency.

WiSpots was founded by Cary, Flannery, who recently appeared on the series premiere of ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

“I am grateful for the opportunity to appear on ‘Shark Tank’ but regret that the sharks [investors] didn’t truly understand the WiSpots concept, nor would they give me a chance to explain it,” Flannery said.

“The merger with WHC is another solid step in the evolution of the WiSpots model.”

Shortly after filming the show, Flannery met Jason Angel, the founder of WHC. After numerous discussions, the two men realized their companies had a number of very powerful synergies that, together, offered unique solutions to meet the needs of the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Flannery will serve as chairman and chief executive officer of WiFiciency, with Angel serving as president and chief operating officer.

WiSpots, a high-tech company provides sponsor-supported wireless access and tools that streamline healthcare practice operations.

WHC sells medical transcription, dictation automation and electronic medical records management through a proprietary suite of software.

WiFiciency will serve as a holding company for the WiMedical, WiSpots, WiMedia, WiScription and WiSoft brands. Combined, these brands provide full turn-key software and hardware solutions for hospitals, specialty practices and other healthcare facilities.

The WiMedical brand includes electronic medical records and transcription automation systems, including speech recognition capabilities, and other workflow-related software solutions.

WiMedical healthcare solutions are designed to work in tandem with existing software, enabling healthcare organizations to enhance their existing services without incurring the capital expense of new equipment or systems.

WiSpots will continue to offer patients online access to healthcare education, entertainment and productivity solutions while they wait to see their healthcare professionals. Access is provided through WiSpots’ Patient Interaction Centers (PICs), which feature mobile, wireless Web pads called WiPads.


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