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Most active VCs favor social, ad, gaming, and discount e-commerce plays

September 1st, 2010

CB InsightsInternet companies drew 36 percent of the dealflow of the 30 most active venture capital firms from 2009 to 2010 and 26 percent of their dollars, according to CB Insights.

And of those dollars, 40 percent went to four Internet sub sectors in the last four months: social, advertising, gaming and discount e-commerce firms.

Anyone reading TechJournal South in recent months has seen these trends in action, particularly the discount e-commerce space, where DC-based LivingSocial has raised $50 million from venture backers and Chicago-based Groupon napped $135 million.

We’ve also seen several new online gaming and advertising related startups emerge.

CB Insights notes that the top 30 VCs put their money in one of every four deals from 2009-2010.

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