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Infographic: History of mobile productivity shows it started way back in the 1970s

August 9th, 2011

CompanionLinkComputers on every desk spurred an unprecedented productivity revolution, but mobile electronic devices are also sparking new productivity gains. Those gains didn’t start with the advent of mobile phones, though. They began as far back as the 1970s, as a new infographic shows.

CompanionLink Software, a Portland, Oregon technology company specializing in CRM synchronization software and mobile apps, released the infographic showing the history of productivity gains the world has witnessed through the medium of mobile devices.

The infographic highlights the early days of mobile productivity, when devices were largely business-focused. It then shows the transition to the sleek, powerful devices we have come to rely on today.

“We wanted to do something fun that borrows from information we’ve gathered over our 15-year history as a company,” said Rushang Shah, Director of Marketing at CompanionLink. “Our infographic aims to share the history we’ve witnessed firsthand, as well as pay homage to some of the early pioneers in the mobile industry.

History Of Productivity infographic

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