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Social media marketing hints from ChannelAdvisor

November 14th, 2011

ChannelAdvisorJust what are retailers using Facebook and Twitter for marketing doing succesfully?

We asked Link Walls, director of product management at ChannelAdvisor, a global e-commerce software provider that helps retailers sell more across online channels. Walls is hosting the social media marketing session at the Internet Summit Conference, taking place Tuesday and Wednesday, November 15-16,  at the Raleigh, NC Convention Center.

Walls filled us in on some the trends ChannelAdvisor is seeing:

“Right now,” he says, “increasing brand recognition on Facebook and Twitter seems to be very valuable to retailers.”

He adds, “Since February, we’ve published the Facebook Commerce Index that tracks the fan counts of the top 500 online retailers that have Facebook pages. Through this we’ve been able to analyze how retailers are acquiring more fans and shoppers with a variety of promotions and campaigns. Retailers are really putting a lot of time and effort into engaging fans on Facebook, as Liking a brand gives them the ability to send you updates. ”

He also noted, “We’re closely watching Facebook and think that Facebook Commerce has great potential to become a new channel for online retailers.”

How Levi’s is belting its jeans on Facebook

We asked Walls what Facebook marketers are doing to sign up fans and keep them engaged.

“Within the Facebook Commerce Index (FBCI), we’ve been watching how retailers are campaigning to increase their fans, and each month it is interesting to evaluate the various ways that retailers are gaining attention—some focus on giveaways, others on community involvement and humanitarian efforts,” he said.

“One example that’s pretty interesting from the FBCI is Levi’s, which has secured a place in the Top 25 for months now.  However, where most top social-savvy brands see a 1-5% increase each month, Levi’s clocked 9% growth in October.

“Whereas most Facebook pages are quickly becoming one-visit stops for users looking to score discounts or free products, Levi’s is setting itself apart by structuring its Facebook page around a global, long-term campaign to support, which has been the main focus of the page since it was created.

Narrowing page focus

“Narrowing its page focus has allowed Levi’s to build on its campaign with quality content, from lengthy documentaries of “Pioneers for Water” to celebrity endorsement videos and real-time pledges. By creating a movement to sustain customer engagement, Levi’s is more likely to increase brand awareness, and ultimately ROI, in the long-run.”

ChannelAdvisor helps more than 3,000 retailers, including renowned brands like Dell, Jockey and ULTA, sell more online with best-in-class software and services for eBay, Amazon,, Google, shopping engines and more. It was recently recognized on Triangle Business Journal’s list of Best Places to Work for 2011 and is a finalist for the North Carolina Technology Association Best Product/Service Technology Company Award.

To learn more about ChannelAdvisor’s global expansion, expert software offerings and career opportunities, visit booth #18 during the Internet Summit or visit

ChannelAdvisor Director of Product Management Link Walls will host the Social Media Marketing session on November 16th at 4:20 p.m. EST.

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2 Responses to “Social media marketing hints from ChannelAdvisor”

  1. Jim Campbell says:

    Great job Levis. I have a great urge to run out and buy some jeans and support their ideology (helping via that we read here!!

  2. John Huggert says:

    This is informative and I agree that this is a smart move for Levis. Weren’t there business cards that looked like jeans?