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Social media users love beer, particularly Guinness

November 21st, 2011

GuinnessSocial media users were very positive about popular beer brands on social media in the last 12 months, with Guinness garnering the most praise from social media users, according to a new social media analytics report from Amplicate.

The report found that 77% of all opinions on social media about popular beer brands, such as Heineken (HINKY) and Budweiser (ABI), were positive.

Social media users were generally very positive about all the major beer brands, with only Budweiser receiving any significant amount of negative comment. Budweiser was the least loved popular beer brand over the 12 months, with 31% of opinions expressing a negative sentiment about the American beer giant.

Guinness (DGE), on the other hand, was the most loved beer on social media. 82% of opinions expressed enthusiasm for the Irish favorite. Social media users made a positive association between Ireland, pubs and Guinness that led to a flood of positive comment for the world’s most famous stout.

But nothing got social media users talking positively about beer more than beer companies’ marketing. Social media users loved to discuss beers’ marketing efforts or commercials on social media, Amplicate found.

Amplicate’s new report ‘Public Opinion on Popular Beer Brands on Social Media‘ ( reveals that fans of popular beer brands were not only more vocal than beer brands’ detractors but their opinions reverberated farther through cyberspace. The average fan of beer brands had 763 friends or followers on social media, while the average detractor had only 430 friends or followers.


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One Response to “Social media users love beer, particularly Guinness”

  1. steve may says:

    I’m addicted to social media. I use to find my company interest and I really enjoy a good Heineken beer every day I left the office. Cheers!