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Top 2012 marketing trends: guruism, collective curation, seamless tech

December 16th, 2011

UpshotChicago-based marketing agency, Upshot, has released its trends report for 2012,

“As many Americans continue to take a pragmatic and empowered approach to persistent economic uncertainty, brands will need to embrace new roles, capitalize on emerging opportunities to connect, and orchestrate a truly integrated approach to establishing relationships with their consumers,” said Liz Aviles, Upshot vice president of Market Intelligence.

“Smart and nimble marketers will recognize that the velocity of change in today’s marketplace actually creates new opportunities for brands to distinguish themselves with a savvier, connected consumer.”

Upshot’s trends for 2012 are diverse thought-starters that apply to just about any brand or industry, giving marketers a guide to help them remain on the cutting edge—or, better yet, redefine that edge—throughout the course of the year.

Produced by Upshot’s Planning Department and Market Intelligence Group, the Source, the report cites examples of marketers already putting these trends into action, as well as implications for marketers who are ready to immediately implement these insights.

Here is a quick look at Upshot’s 10 trends for 2012.

Guruism. Will your brand be the go-to guide on a given topic?

Collective Curation. Credible brands can become hubs for Collective Curation, bringing a focused theme to life through the voices of others.
Anarchy in the Aisle. The Path to Purchase is dead. Long live the Path to Purchase.

Mindfulness over Matter. Situated between a tumultuous past and an uncertain future, consumers are increasingly finding solace in the present moment.

Seamless Tech. Technology-enhanced marketing will increasingly provide seamless, simple experiences.
Gender Bender. Between better-educated women, drastic household changes, and shifting collar colors in the workplace, traditional gender roles are fast becoming relics.

Cause with Effect. With the lingering threat of a “cause bubble,” cause marketing must increasingly focus on making relevant, visible, and inspiring impacts.

World of Wellness: Brands must reevaluate their roles in the diverse wellness ecosystem, ensuring that they’re contributing to a better quality of life for consumers.

Recession Rejection. Shoppers are on a quest for control. And when they set their sights on smaller, more personal spheres, they’re optimistic about their prospects.

Hack My Brand. Marketers are embracing benevolent hacking for innovative, entertaining, and practical solutions.

“We found that our 2012 trends ultimately coalesced around three pervasive macro-social issues: managing information, living in harmony with technology, and reasserting control,” said Upshot Senior Planner, Brian Asner.

“Whereas our previous trend reports have focused mostly on seismic shifts in consumer sentiments, this year’s ten trends are primarily reactions to the exogenous, fast-changing social forces in the world around them.”

The report is available for download.

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