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Stay safe: social media security basics (infographic)

March 29th, 2012

Veracode Inc., which sells cloud-based application security testing, has created an infographic on Social Media Basics.

This infographic examines various types of targeted attacks and focuses on malware’s history of infecting Twitter and Facebook.

To minimize risks, the image summarizes advice such as being aware of trending topics as a popular lure, protecting passwords and being wary of Facebook spam. In a related webinar, Veracode addresses the ubiquity of social media applications and the challenges facing enterprise infosecurity organizations in how they manage usage across the workforce. The webinar is available on-demand at

“This infographic reinforces that enterprises must balance the allure of social media with risks for viruses and attacks,” said Connie Stack, vice president of corporate marketing, Veracode. “While it may not be realistic to have your workforce avoid all forms of social media, it’s important to educate employees on social media safety and best practices to reduce a company’s risk from costly losses and data theft.”

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