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Watch out for the pitfalls of freelancing (infographic)

March 6th, 2012

Freelancing has enormous appeal to many people holding down office jobs, but it has its own share of pitfalls. During the recession, many workers turned to freelancing because it was their only option. The folks over at created this infographic to show both the state of freelancing and some of the pitfalls freelancers face:

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3 Responses to “Watch out for the pitfalls of freelancing (infographic)”

  1. Excellent infographic :) despite the pitfalls, the advantages are enormous. I am proud to be a professional freelancer ;)

  2. ED says:

    Freelancers rock!

  3. CEO says:

    The world is changing. The industrial revolution is over and the information revolution is rapidly gaining speed. Absolutely everything but core competency should be outsourced to individuals with the right skill set for the task.

    Freelancers need to know that they must team with others to make it work. If you are working (making product) you are not selling, if you are selling you are not selling. It is appropriate for freelancers to outsource selling just as actors and authors use agents (salespeople).

    Sales individuals can and need to team with programmers, data aggregators and IT people, for example, to create a virtual company. The individuals need to trust each other because this new revolution is strictly pay for performance.

    I sell programming, graphics and IT for individuals and companies. It is a FULL time job keeping freelancers working.

    The rule is you must eat your own dog food, so outsource everything that is not your core competency.