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Close to half of U.S. iPad owners unhappy with iPad4 launch

October 27th, 2012
Apple iPad3s

Apple iPads

Apple took a bite out of its own customer base by launching the iPad4 only seven months after the iPad 3. In a survey of U.S. consumers conducted within 24 hours of the Apple event that launched the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini, Toluna QuickSurveys found that 45 percent of current iPad owners were “disgruntled” over having a new device come out so soon.

Many like the iPad Mini, however, with 14 percent saying they will definitely buy one and 32 percent saying they probably will.

When asked which device they prefer among the iPad Mini, Google Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD, though, 46 percent chose the Kindle Fire, 40 percent the iPad Mini, and only 14 percent the Google Nexus 7.

That doesn’t bode well for Nexus sales and suggests, as some other data has, that the iPad Mini is likely to be another hot ticket item for Apple.

Not surprisingly, the feature consumers liked best about the iPad Mini is its size. A quarter of those surveyed said that was its most impressive feature, with 22 percent cited its speed and performance and 22 percent its enhanced battery life.

The survey also asked U.S. consumers about their general attitude toward Apple. More than 1 in 4 (26%) believe Apple’s reputation has been tarnished by the iMaps fiasco following the iPhone 5 release, and nearly half (45%) believe Apple is an inferior company since current CEO Tim Cook took over from Steve Jobs.

Other notable findings from the research found:

Current iPad owners were even more likely to purchase the iPad Mini with 30% saying they would “definitely” purchase the new device and 39% saying they will “probably” purchase one.

The 3G or 4G iPad Mini is set to be marginally more popular than the Wifi only version with 51% of those intending to buy an iPad Mini preferring the cellular version.

Environmental friendly materials are a key driver for more than one-third of US consumers with 35% claiming the environmentally friendly and recyclable materials will positively impact their decision to buy one.

The iPad Mini is set to become a hot holiday gift with 1 in 5 (21%) planning to buy the tablet as a holiday gift.

The double camera was the least impactful feature with only 7% nominating it as a standout feature.



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