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Digital Marketing Consortium aims to share best practices

January 28th, 2013

Best Practices LLCDigital Marketing technologies are transforming the commercial marketplace — challenging companies to develop new marketing skills and employ a broad range of new tools and techniques to engage customers. To help marketers and executives put their firms on the right footing as they employ these new tools and techniques, Best Practices is forming the Digital Marketing Consortium.

Nearly 80% of digital marketers across industries expect their budget to grow for 2013 and in 2014, and more than half of digital marketers expect that growth to be more than 10 percent, according to recent benchmarking research, Mastering Digital Marketing Structure & Strategy, by Best Practices LLC.

Poor management can backfire

However, when growing budgets and resources are managed poorly, digital marketing can damage customer goodwill and create unnecessary expense.

Thus, half of elite performing Digital Marketing teams employ a Digital Marketing Center of Excellence with some activities executed at the brand or business unit level in both U.S. and global markets. This hybrid structure helps companies strike a balance between greater customer focus and cost control.

To further  support of executives in this, Best Practices, LLC has also launched the Digital Marketing Consortium. The year-long knowledge-sharing roundtable will build on our previous research and bring together like-minded executives to focus on best practices that help marketers make the best case to their organizations.

The service offering will begin on February 1, 2013 and will be powered by members of the consortium.

The Digital Marketing Consortium will center on addressing three key questions:

  • How do you strengthen buy-in for digital marketing throughout the organization?
  • How do you align digital marketing strategy to company objectives?
  • What are the attributes of successful digital marketing professionals?

Best Practices, LLC will conduct primary research drawing from the sources such as the 44 commercial executives and managers at 40 leading global companies that participated in our pilot study to address these questions.

For more details or sign up for the consortium here.


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