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Mobile app helps you find contacts based on when or where you entered them

January 18th, 2013

By Allan Maurer

Water's Edge Managing Partner Adam Falkauff and CEO, Sam Raiche.

Water’s Edge Managing Partner Adam Falkauff and CEO, Sam Raiche.

Sam Raiche left the active duty in the U.S. Army in the summer of 2010 after two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan and took a trip with friends to Denver, where they met a girl who was going to go out with a group of friends and saved her number on his phone. Then, later, he couldn’t recall what name he had saved it under. “Why can’t I look up a contact I just entered in my phone?” he asked himself.

“I joked about needing a product that would let me find a contact by when or where I entered the information. But after looking around for a week couldn’t find one.”

So, he and partner Adam Falkauff started Water’s Edge Partners to create a mobile app called REON.

A free app for Android or iPhones, REON allows you to find your contacts by when or where you met them, or by any of their addresses. How? REON tags new contacts with the location and time you entered their info and plots all contact addresses on a map. Hate typing? REON has an instant and accurate way to share contact information.

Although Raiche says the company is marketing it primarily on college campuses, we think it has great potential for use at events and large meetings where many of us collect several pockets full of business cards that are easily lost or misplaced and need to be entered into a digital database to be really useful anyway.

With REON Mobile, you share the information electronically and don’t have to fumble with your phone trying to type it in.

They hired  Scotsdale, Arizona-based-Parsus Solutions, a development firm to make the app, which took about a year.

How they plan to make money

The company, based in Plymouth, Minnesota, is self-funded. While the app is free, users who want a useful contact location map feature pay a one-time $4.99 fee and additional QR Codes to help organize contacts are $.99 each (users get the first one free).

Many users would probably want more than one, Raiche suggests. “If you’re at a business event and you might want one with your professional information such as your website and other info,” while at other times, you might want to provide just a phone number or email address.

Raiche says that in about 10 months they hope to have a desktop version of the app available and the firm may eventually seek additional funding.

Here’s a video – perhaps aimed at that college market, but showing how it works:

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