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A majority of enterprises support Apple devices, but they have gripes

February 6th, 2013
Apple iPad3s

Apple iPads

A large majority of Enterprises are either supporting iPhones and iPads at work now or plan to, says InformationWeek Reports. And, while they give them high marks for user satisfaction, they nevertheless have gripes: they’re too expensive and hard to upgrade.


  • 85% of decision-makers report they support iPhones, with an additional 4% planning to do so; 90% currently or plan to support iPads.
  • 87% of those supporting or planning to support Apple smartphones or tablets give the devices high marks for end-user satisfaction, but 45% say the upgradability is poor or very poor.
  • 64% of decision-makers report having no Apple servers in their organizations.
  • 45% say their top gripe with Apple products is the devices are too expensive for the value provided.
  • 23% of decision-makers rate Apple’s enterprise security and device management excellent or good; 31% say it’s poor or unacceptable.

The report author, Richard Hoffman , is owner of Geomancy Consulting, an InformationWeek contributor and former technology editor for Network Computing.

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