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E-books vs. print: is either winning? (infographic)

February 4th, 2013

Kindle whiteHave you borrowed an e-book from your library? Even though many of us now own either dedicated e-readers or tablets that double as e-readers or even read digital books on laptops or smartphones, regular dead tree books still appeal to nearly every age group.

If you’re a reader, as we are, you most likely turn to both digital and print books. Print books are much easier to browse than e-books, they can be shared, and even resold.

We’ve seen recent figures suggesting that the sales of e-books and e-readers have both flattened, yet Amazon continues to sell more digital books than print now, it says. Personally, we have more than 300 books and several magazine subscriptions on our Kindle and additional digital books in other formats. That is yet another problem with e-books – many work on only one type of reader or with only one type of software.

Nevertheless, we would be hard-pressed to find room on our shelves for those 300 books now on our Kindles and future ones as well. We don’t plan on giving up on printed books – every room in the house has book shelves in addition to the actual library in what most people would use as a dining room. But we don’t mind not needing to carry a heavy book bag anymore and it’s a pleasure to take a long train ride with a Kindle in hand.

Publishing has certainly been turned topsy-turvy by the digital book revolution, much as the music industry has been by digital technology. Book stores, too, are suffering and many have closed their doors. But we doubt the printed book is headed for extinction anytime soon.

Here’s an infographic taking a look at the e-book vs. print book situation.

Libraries are Forever: E-Books & Print Books Can Coexist

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