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Interactive marketing fares much better for online video than pre-rolls

February 6th, 2013

videomobileDo you watch pre-roll ads that precede many videos online? Not many of us do, apparently.  Overall, marketers running simple pre-roll campaigns saw an average 1.21% Engagement rate and 69.59% Completion rate on average, according to Innovid’s Interactive Video Advertising Benchmarks for Q4 2012.

Interactive campaigns did much better.

Innovid says they saw a whopping 3.09% Engagement rate and 71.58% Completion rate. Furthermore, interactive campaigns delivered an additional 21.57 seconds in time spent, converting 30 second media buys into 51.57 slots and delivering a 70% increase in brand exposure with no additional media investment.

Innovid studied over 900 campaigns in Q4 2012, served utilizing its advanced video Ad Server on more than 1000 premium publishers and ad networks globally.  The first report of its kind, provides benchmarks for Awareness Rate, Engagement Rate, Time Earned, Completion Rate, Ad Viewability, and Click-Thru Rate. Online video

Innovid examined metrics from hundreds of advertisers across 15 different categories to produce the quarterly report, which is available for download at:

Overall key findings of the Innovid Interactive Video Advertising Benchmarks: Q4 2012 report include:

  • 15 second slots saw the highest completion rate at 74.41%, versus 30 second slots that delivered a 68.91%
  • Consumers however are more likely to engage with longer form content, clicking-in at 2.99% rate on 30-second units versus 2.01% on 15-second slots
  • Interactive campaigns recorded a 44.54% awareness rate, while pre-roll displayed only a 17.57%
  • iRoll Apps provided an average 1.01%, making it a great resource for advertisers with backend goals
  • iRoll Expand delivered an additional 27.37 seconds in time earned on average, providing marketers with brand goals an efficient vehicle to engage with consumers and maximize media budgets

If you’re at all new to this, Innovid offers this glossary of terms in the business:


  • Awareness (rate): The number of times the video environment is moused over by the user while the pre-roll plays and then divided by all the impressions served. The event is counted once per impression.
  • Engagement (rate): The first click by the user to the iRoll unit and then divided by all the impressions served. This can either be an interactive slate open event, or click-thru depending on the format of the unit. The event is counted once per impression.
  • Time Earned: The average time in seconds a user spends interacting with the unit while the pre-roll video is automatically paused in the background. Note, iRoll Apps units do not consistently require the pausing of the pre-roll video in the background, and therefore may not generate the Time Earned metric.
  • Completion (rate): Impression logged immediately upon completion of the video play, divided by all impressions served.
  • Ad Viewed (percent): The average duration of the pre-roll video watched by users, calculated as a percentage.
  • CTR: A click directing users to a new web page and then divided by all impressions served.


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