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How to drive consumer action with video ads

March 1st, 2013
Samsung Smart TV

A Samsung Smart TV.

If you want to dramatically increase the ability of your video ads to drive consumer action, using both television and online video does the trick.

New research from Videology, a digital ad platform, found that action conversion rates increased 40 percent in consumers exposed to both television and online video advertisements compared to the control group (those not exposed to the digital advertisement).

Action conversion includes actions beyond a simple click through, such as searching for a retail location, building a product profile, downloading a coupon, or other actions that suggest intent to purchase a brand’s product or service.

Optimal frequency mix

Videology found that an optimal frequency mix of 7-9X on television and 7-9X on digital video drove the highest overall conversion rate of all combinations.

Those exposed in the 7-9X frequency range for both television and digital video saw a 230% lift in action conversion compared to the control group.  Other findings:

  • TV frequency alone does not specifically correlate to action conversion.
  • Those who were exposed to an ad online first are more likely to take action.
  • Increased digital frequency drives increased action conversion.

In addition, Videology’s research showed that while Ad Recall topped at 54% for TV only campaigns and 59% for video only campaigns, there was 64% Ad Recall for TV & online video campaigns.

This research was conducted with the help of Videology’s TV Amplifier(SM) product, which is designed to link television viewing behavior to online viewing habits, utilizing Nielsen’s cross-platform measurement data. Download the full report¬†here.

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