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Provide a superior digital experience for competitive advantage

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

ForeSeeSatisfied visitors are the key to bringing them back to a news or entertainment website and getting them to recommend it to others and see it as a primary resource, according to a new benchmarking study by ForeSee, a customer experience analytics firm.

That means sites have to figure out what its consumers want and work hard to deliver that specific mix.

“Our research consistently demonstrates one point: a company that provides a superior customer experience will have a huge competitive advantage over another,” said Larry Freed , president and CEO of ForeSee.

Companies could benefit from measurement

“It is no different in this benchmark. The news and entertainment industry is remarkably competitive, and, as the low aggregate scores show, many companies can truly benefit from continuous measurement of the customer experiences across both web and mobile touch points.

“When customer satisfaction is measured precisely, using a reliable and proven methodology, business leaders can accurately look into the future to see what their customers will do next and make changes that will make them more loyal, more likely to recommend and more engaged with the site and its advertisers.”

News Websites
Vaniity Fair coverThe ForeSee news benchmark includes websites for organizations such as Forbes Media, Bloomberg, the NFL, The Guardian, the Weather Channel, Vanity Fair and many others. Aggregate satisfaction for this category is 66 on ForeSee’s 100-point scale, and individual website scores within the benchmark range from a low of 56 to a high of 79.

“For some years, it had been difficult to understand the dynamics of a multi-channel customer: where are they doing their bite-sized reading, deep editorial engagement and, ultimately, making their subscription decisions?” said Bruce Rogers of Forbes Media, a longstanding ForeSee client.

“With the transparency we get from working with ForeSee, we have been able to cut to the core of our customer experience and truly understand the psychology of those reading and subscription decisions.”

Since customer behaviors like loyalty and recommendations have a direct effect on a news organization’s future success, ForeSee compared the behaviors of highly satisfied website visitors (those with satisfaction at 80 or higher on ForeSee’s 100-point scale) to the future behaviors of less-satisfied site visitors (those with satisfaction 69 or below).

Based on likelihood scores, highly satisfied visitors to news websites report being:

  • 43% more likely than less satisfied visitors to return to the website again, which means visit frequency and engagement that translates directly into value for advertisers.
  • 137% more likely to recommend the website to a friend, family member or colleague, which results in more site visits and a premium on ad space.
  • 67% more likely to use the site as a primary resource (as opposed to other channels like print or broadcast).

Entertainment Websites
The ForeSee entertainment benchmark includes websites for organizations such as ESPN, PBS, the NFL, Conde Nast, StubHub and many others.

Aggregate satisfaction for this benchmark is 67 (slightly higher than the average satisfaction for news sites, which is 66). Individual company scores within the entertainment benchmark range from a low of 49 to a high of 84.

Highly satisfied visitors to entertainment sites, in general, are 52% more likely to return, 124% more likely to recommend and 84% more likely to use the site as a primary resource.

“We have found that all of our readers have very unique expectations based on where they consume and how they access our content when they’re engaging with us online or on their mobile devices,” said Chris Reynolds , Vice President of Marketing Analytics at Conde Nast, a ForeSee client.

“Whether they are subscription-based readers who are consuming premium content or casual browsers who are just looking to explore what we have to offer, through ForeSee, we have been able to make the necessary adjustments to create a satisfactory experience to meet differing needs.”

Advertising-Driven vs. Subscription-Based Sites
fantasy footballForeSee researchers broke down the categories further to take a look from the customers’ perspective at both the media and entertainment sites that are advertising-driven versus those that are subscription-based.

At an aggregate level, the two segment groups each recorded a customer satisfaction score of 72. The scores for ad-driven sites range from a low of 66 to a high of 84, while scores for subscription sites range from a low of 53 to a high of 80.

Based on the research, highly satisfied visitors to advertising-driven news and entertainment sites, which include websites for organizations such as ESPN, ForbesBusinessweek, the NFL, the Weather Channel and many more, report being:

  • 38% more likely than less satisfied visitors to return to the website again.
  • 88% more likely to recommend the website to a friend, family member, or colleague.
  • 63% more likely to use the site as their primary resource.

Highly satisfied visitors to subscription-based news and entertainment websites for organizations such as Golf Digest, GameFly,AutoTrader, Forbes and many more report being:

  • 66% more likely than less satisfied visitors to return to the website again.
  • 100% more likely to recommend the website.
  • 126% more likely to use the site as their primary resource.

News and Entertainment Mobile Sites and Apps
mobile devicesWith the growing popularity and capabilities of mobile devices to deliver news and entertainment, ForeSee is the leader in measuring customer satisfaction of the mobile experiences provided by news and entertainment companies (including mobile sites and apps on a variety of phones and tablets).

Mobile sites and apps outperform traditional news and entertainment (both ad-driven and subscription-based) websites with an average satisfaction of 73 on ForeSee’s 100-point scale, with individual scores within the benchmark ranging from a low of 58 to a high of 85.

“With the rapid ascension of mobile over the last few years, measuring the customer experience across mobile devices is quickly becoming a need rather than a want for news and entertainment companies,” said Eric Feinberg , senior director of Mobile, News and Entertainment at ForeSee.

“As we can see by the scores, ranging from the high 50s to mid-80s, some companies understand that customers want and expect their mobile experiences to be as seamless and convenient as they are on the desktop and, in turn, are delivering, while others are not.  The challenge now is for those companies that are doing well in mobile to continue to do so. And those scoring low will need to step it up less they want to be passed by.”

ForeSee’s mobile research shows highly satisfied visitors to news and entertainment sites through a mobile device report being:

  • 56% more likely than less satisfied visitors to return to the mobile site or app again, which equates to more frequency and engagement.
  • 98% more likely to recommend the mobile site or app to a friend, family member or colleague.

A good example of how measuring customer satisfaction with the mobile experience can have strategic and tactical value for companies implementing the ForeSee’s technology can be found in the ABC Case Study highlighted in the March 2013 edition ofCustomer magazine at and at

Connect with 60 high growth tech companies at the Southeast Venture Conference

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Sevc 2012Make connections with 60 showcase high growth technology companies from the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic as they present to hundreds of executives from the region’s innovation, entrepreneurial and venture communities,  at the Southeast Venture Conference February 29th – March 1st at the Ritz-Carlton in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

In addition to presenting companies and hours of executive networking – the conference will feature a speaker line up including Netflix co-founder and former CEO, Marc Randolphand includes dozens of leading venture capital investors from groups like Lightbank and NEA; industry insiders from organizations including Bloomberg, Motley Fool and theNational Venture Capital Association; and other successful entrepreneurs such asOpenTable founder, Chuck Templeton.

This year’s presenting company line-up includes:

Register today to guarantee your space at the region’s premiere venture forum!

Six reasons to attend the 2012 Southeast Venture Conference

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Sevc 2012People who have attended previous Southeast Venture Conference events tell us they are a great way to grab a spot on the radar of top venture capital firms, but also to make lasting connections with potential customers, partners and executives.

Here are six of the reasons the SEVC sells out year after year:

  1. You’ll make connections with the region’s top tech entrepreneurs and executivesWith 60 presenting companies and hundreds of high growth company C-level executives in attendance, SEVC lets you build partnerships with the region’s leading tech firms..At the 2009 SEVC, attendees had the chance to connect with the founder and CEO of an up and coming startup called, LivingSocial. At the time LivingSocial was the typical SEVC presenter, having recently raising their Series A round and looking to grow revenue. Since presenting at SEVC, LivingSocial has rocketed by raising well over $600 million in capital and has over $1 billion in annual revenue. Connect and partner with tomorrow’s LivingSocial at this year’s SEVC.
  2. SevcYou’ll network with leading venture capitalists and investors from around the USSEVC hosts leading investors and venture funds from around the US, not just the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, who come to network with fellow investors and the region’s leading innovation talent.Whether you’re in venture fundraising mode or an investor looking to further relationships with fellow investors for deal flow, SEVC is the vehicle to make those connections.
  3. SevcYou’ll get market insight and success strategies from the innovation and venture community’s brightest starsFrom the founder of Netflix to thePresident of the National Venture Capital Association – SEVC will feature over 40 speakers discussing the latest trends, best practices and strategies relating to venture investing and entrepreneurial growth. You’ll learn from them not just during roundtable discussions, but in one on one situations as well through the hours of networking.
  4. SevcTo make networking and private meetings even easier, we’ve added a pre-event networking platform for attendeesNew this year at SEVC is our online networking platform which allows attendees to connect with one another prior, during or after the conference. Attendees can see other attendee’s interests, request and setup meetings and connect helping to maximize the lasting connections you’ll make at this year’s conference.
  5. SevcEntrepreneurs can benchmark your pitch and strategiesUp and coming entrepreneurs can benchmark their pitches from the over 60 presentations from leading innovators in the region. These are companies that for the most part have already been successful in venture fundraising and are well on their way to success. You’ll not find another single forum on the east coast with this many funded companies presenting.
  6. SevcEven more CXO and Venture Partner networking to create relationships that can last your entire careerNetworking is center stage at SEVC. Over one and a half days there are 3 separate open bar networking receptions, a networking breakfast, lunch networking and 7 additional networking breaks.

Showcase companies will present to a national audience of venture capitalists, private equity investors, angel investors and senior technology executives.  Attendees will have additional opportunities to network and connect with these showcase companies throughout the conference – as well as prior to the conference with the online attendee networking platform.

You’ll need to register before Feb. 10 to get the conference rate at the Tysons Corner, VA, Ritz Carleton:

Register today to guarantee your space at the region’s premiere venture forum.


Early registration discount for Southeast Venture Conference ends Friday

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Speakers headed to the 6th Annual Southeast Venture Conference in Tysons Corner, VA, Feb. 29=March 1

Early, discounted regsitrations  for the Southeast Venture Conference at Tysons Corner, VA, Feb. 29-March 1 end Friday, Jan. 20. This year the SEVC features Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix, Chuck Templeton, founder of OpenTable, Mark Heesen, president of the National Venture Capital Association,  top venture capital firms and innovative tech startups.

Randolph is a leading Silicon Valley investor in addition to being co-founder and former CEO of Netflix. Randolph and Templeton are just two of the hundreds of leading venture investors and entrepreneurs headed to this year’s event.

VCS representing $50B in capital attending

Venture capital firms at the event represent $50 billion in investment money.

The 6th Annual Southeast Venture Conference also features presentations from more than 60 of the hottest Southeast and Mid-Atlantic high growth tech companies. Companies that presented at the 2011 SEVC had average revenues of $6 million.

Also on the agenda: Paul Lee, partner, Lightbank, Marshall Brain, founder of, Jalak Jobanputra, venture investor, New Venture Partners, Harry Weller, general partner, NEA, Sean Marsh, co-founder, Point Judith Capital, Robert Peterman, Toronto Stock Exchange, and Roland Reynolds, managing director, Industry Ventures.

New this year

New this year is a pre-event networking platform, which will allow attendees to connect ahead of the event, increasing the opportunities to make it even more productive.

The Southeast Venture Conference is the premiere venture forum in the region and has sold out every year. Register here.


Digital Day: iPhone, iPad tracking you, malware infecting Android apps, more

Thursday, April 21st, 2011
iPhone 4

Apple's iPhone 4

The iPhone and 3G iPad regularly record the location of the devices with a time stamp, according to O’Reilly Radar.

Aladair Allan and Pete Warden write that ever since iOS4 arrived, the devices have been storing a long list of locations and time stamps. They note they don’t know why Apple is collecting the data, but that it is “clearly intentional,” since it is restored across backups.

According to the report, the data is unencrypted and unprotected and is on any machine synched with the iOS device. The writers say Apple has not yet responded to questions about why the information is being collected.

Alex Levinson, an information security engineer and senior engineer for Katana Forensics in San Francisco, has disputed the claim, saying he reported the Apple data collection process months ago and that there is not evidence it is being delivered to Apple servers.

Google’s Android system seeing malware attacks

Security firm Kaspersky Lab told Bloomberg the Google Android mobile device platform is under attack from applications packed with malware.

The report says the malware is infecting the Google system at a faster rate than happened with PCs at the same state of development.

Kaspersky, which plans to offer security for the Android system in the third quarter this year, says the growth rate in Android malware is huge and more is expected.

Google has already removed some apps previously available in its store – and remotely disabled them. They collected information that could be used to access personal data.

New, upgraded Google Analytics released

Google delivered a new, upgraded version of its Google Analytics product (which we used daily here at TechJournal South).

It includes new features, faster performance and a streamlined user interface.

Now users can create up to 20 multiple dashboards with up to 12 widgets each. It also allows users to create interaction goals, graph and compare metrics over time, and switch between profiles and sites.

Additional new features are planned, Google says.


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Potomac roundup: Eagle Eye, Trafficland, upcoming SEVC

Friday, February 19th, 2010
Mark Heesen, president of the National Venture Capital Association, is one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming SEVC

Mark Heesen, president of the National Venture Capital Association and one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming Sooutheast Venture Conference

POTOMAC ROUNDUP -The Potomac region continues to be one of the most active in the nation on the business front, despite the snowmageddon it recently experienced. This week’s news includes an acquisition by Bloomberg, record use of TrafficLand cams during the region’s record snow storms, and completion of the lineup for next week’s Southeast Venture Conference in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

Yesterday, Bloomberg said it has acquired Fairfax, Virginia-based Eagle Eye Publishers, which sells market intelligence, databases, software and consulting services. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Washington Technology reported the deal may be the forerunner of the financial news service’s launch of a government focused new business that would compete with Input and Fed Sources.

Southeast Venture Conference next week

The final companies and agenda are in place for the 2010 Southeast Venture Conference (SEVC) scheduled for February 24-25th at the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner, Virginia. TechJournal South will be there for both days and we hope to see you there.

A total of 60 showcase companies representing Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington DC will be presenting to a national and regional audience of venture capitalists, private equity professionals, technology executives and the technology support community.

In addition to showcasing some of the most promising high growth technology firms in the region, the SEVC will feature dozens of prominent speakers such as Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, ‘Father of the Internet’ and Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist Vint Cerf, President of the National Venture Capital Association Mark Heesen and other top venture capitalists and industry experts discussing a variety of topics.

“This year’s SEVC showcases the industries that received most of the venture funding in the second half of 2009, namely biotech and medical devices, energy, software, IT and media,” said Steve Keeler, a partner with McGuireWoods and the SEVC 2010 Planning Chair.

“The upward trend in the second half of 2009 should create momentum into 2010 as investors get off the sidelines,” added Keeler.

“Now is a good time to be networking and forging new relationships, whether you’re an early or expansion-stage company.  The impact of evolving government regulation and stimulus makes the Washington D.C. area a perfect place to meet,” said Keeler. For more information see: The Southeast Venture Conference

Snowmageddon drove record use of TrafficLand

Fairfax, Virginia-based TrafficLand, the largest aggregator of live traffic video in the country, says the historic snowfall in the Mid-Atlantic region drove record use of its products by TV stations, local radio/TV and newspaper Web sites, first responders, and government agencies.

Despite the record use of the service, we heard it withstood the demand even as the weather dumped up to 5 feet of snow in part of the region in two back to back storms that brought things to a standstill.

TrafficLand says its infrastructure is built specifically to handle peak demand events.

Neuralstem raises $5.2M, back in Amex compliance

Rockville, Maryland-based Neuralstem Inc. (NYSE AMEX: CUR) says it has raised more than $5.2 million this year, and has received notice from the NYSE Amex exchange that it is back in compliance with listing requirements.

Neuralstem’s patented technology enables, for the first time, the ability to produce neural stem cells of the human brain and spinal cord in commercial quantities, and the ability to control the differentiation of these cells into mature, working brain cells.