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Super Tuesday Facebook study puts Romney ahead

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Mitt Romney has the most Facebook fans and the most interaction on the site.

As the Republican presidential campaign narrows in on the final candidates for Super Tuesday, Socialbakers, a source for political and marketing social media analytics, disclosed findings from its Super Tuesday study. The research measured social media performance and content as it correlates to key campaign milestones and events.

All findings are available through a new political infographic and microsite about each candidate on Facebook.

30 Days of Campaign Performance and Milestones

The study analyzed major campaign milestones throughout the past 30 days to identify how major events impacted Facebook engagement and popularity.

The findings show a correlation between social performance with events such as Romney’s win in Florida, Santorum’s caucus success and Romney’s win in both Michigan and Arizona.

Ramping Up Facebook Engagement for Super Tuesday
The following reflects the past 30 days of campaign and Facebook performance:

1.      Romney: 109 total posts, 682, 328 total Facebook user interactions

2.      Santorum: 268 total posts, 513,130 total Facebook user interaction

3.      Paul: 50 total posts, 508,879 total Facebook user interactions

4.      Gingrich: 52 total posts, 303,991 total Facebook user interactions

According to a recent Pew study, Facebook users are more politically engaged and are more than twice as likely to participate in political meetings or rallies.

Here’s the infographic: