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The future looks disruptive: advance of personal tech (infographic)

Friday, April 27th, 2012

smartphonesThe rapid adoption of smartphones and tablet computers are just the lastest entries of disruptive personal tech that shake up the status quo. Pretty much the only sure thing in personal tech is that things will change.

Mobile wallets and Google glasses may be about to disrupt things again.

Here’s an infographic from our friends over at Frugal Dad looking at the past, present and future of disruptive personal technology:
Personal Technology Infographic

Source: FrugalDad

App economy experiencing radical growth (infographic)

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Frugaldad bagFrugal Dad notes that development of mobile apps has created a half million new jobs, but that’s just part of the incredible growth of the “app economy.”

Anyone using a mobile device, smartphone, tablet, or even ultra books and laptops, these days, sees new apps showing up daily to do everything from keep your grocery list to checking local gas prices. Games are a big deal (how many zombie game apps are on the market – that’s a statistic we’d like to see.)

But so are financial calculators, news fetchers, photo apps and hundreds of thousands of others, with more on the way. Personally, we enjoy the Pulse news app, several versions of Angry Birds, and our social media apps on our Kindle Fire tablet. We are occasionally frustrated by an app (the Tumblr app on the Kindle Fire refuses to sign us in). — Allan Maurer

But all in all, mobile apps free us from the PC while keeping us productive and connected in ways never before possible. Frugal Dad created this inforgraphic to provide a statistical look at this radically growing app economy:

Apps Infographic


Bill Gates: better than Batman? (infographic)

Friday, January 13th, 2012
Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Now and then I’ve heard a few save-the-world types disparage Microsoft and Bill Gates and felt it necessary to point out that Gates and his wife have done more to ease world hunger and fight global disease than all the people who sat around talking about it put together.

I probably wouldn’t go quite so far as to say Gates is better than Batman, but then again, we live in the real world, not Batman’s imaginary Gotham City. — Allan Maurer

Our friends at Frugal Dad have created this infographic to point out the charitable side of the Gates legacy:

microsoft infographic



Does the patent system need reform? (infographic)

Thursday, January 5th, 2012
cat patent

Patent for using a laser pointer to play with a cat.

Some silly things get patented, such as the method patent issued for using a laser pointer to play with your cat. But in recent years, questions have been raised as to whether companies should be able to patent software and certain technological methods of doing things.

The whole open source software movement, which brought us Linux and spawned Red Hat, among many other firms, has been one result of questioning the value of software patents.

Patent trolls, firms that create nothing but buy patents solely to seek license fees from other companies are also a growing problem.

On the other hand, obtaining patent protection for innovations is one way both start-up companies and established ones build value.

Frugal Dad, a web site that offers insights on money, careers and coupons, created this infographic to highlight the “Problem with Patents.”

patents infographic