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Digital Day: iPhone, iPad tracking you, malware infecting Android apps, more

Thursday, April 21st, 2011
iPhone 4

Apple's iPhone 4

The iPhone and 3G iPad regularly record the location of the devices with a time stamp, according to O’Reilly Radar.

Aladair Allan and Pete Warden write that ever since iOS4 arrived, the devices have been storing a long list of locations and time stamps. They note they don’t know why Apple is collecting the data, but that it is “clearly intentional,” since it is restored across backups.

According to the report, the data is unencrypted and unprotected and is on any machine synched with the iOS device. The writers say Apple has not yet responded to questions about why the information is being collected.

Alex Levinson, an information security engineer and senior engineer for Katana Forensics in San Francisco, has disputed the claim, saying he reported the Apple data collection process months ago and that there is not evidence it is being delivered to Apple servers.

Google’s Android system seeing malware attacks

Security firm Kaspersky Lab told Bloomberg the Google Android mobile device platform is under attack from applications packed with malware.

The report says the malware is infecting the Google system at a faster rate than happened with PCs at the same state of development.

Kaspersky, which plans to offer security for the Android system in the third quarter this year, says the growth rate in Android malware is huge and more is expected.

Google has already removed some apps previously available in its store – and remotely disabled them. They collected information that could be used to access personal data.

New, upgraded Google Analytics released

Google delivered a new, upgraded version of its Google Analytics product (which we used daily here at TechJournal South).

It includes new features, faster performance and a streamlined user interface.

Now users can create up to 20 multiple dashboards with up to 12 widgets each. It also allows users to create interaction goals, graph and compare metrics over time, and switch between profiles and sites.

Additional new features are planned, Google says.


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