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Only 10 percent of e-retailer 500 firms sell directly on Facebook

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

FacebookOnly 10 percent of the Internet Retailer 500 companies are using shopping apps to sell directly on Facebook, according to Ability Commerce, a software provider for ecommerce retailers.

The findings are the result of a deep-dive research project undertaken by Ability Commerce to determine the ecommerce industry’s adoption of Facebook as a shopping platform.

And while the Facebook shopping app data may come as a surprise, as the 500 companies reviewed are considered bellwethers for the latest advances in ecommerce, Ability Commerce also found that one in five of those companies still doesn’t have a Facebook page at all.

“Facebook shopping provides a great opportunity for companies to market products and reach consumers through the ever-growing world of social networking. Companies should be more aggressive in pursuing the latest that Facebook commerce has to offer,” said Diane Buzzeo, CEO of Ability Commerce.

Social buying on the cutting edge

Social buying is on the cutting edge of ecommerce, as companies seek to tie online shopping to the social media revolution.

While Facebook doesn’t allow for actual checkouts on the site, companies such as American Musical Supply have instituted “virtual shopping carts” that allow shoppers to add items while browsing on Facebook. Shoppers then carry their shopping cart with them to cash out at the company’s own website. Items can be added and removed at will.

Ability Commerce also found that additional features such as live chat, deals/contests and integration with Amazon were also found to be generally lacking, with most companies offering just a simple brand page.

Some of the additional data that Ability Commerce uncovered include: 

  •     Only one mass merchant and one luxury retailer had a Facebook shopping app
  •     64% of hardware and home improvement retailers had Facebook pages
  •     66% of computer/electronics retailers had Facebook pages
  •     Eight companies out of 500 employed Live Chat on their Facebook pages

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